To my eyes, one of the impressive aspects of the interiors of the Crane home is the graceful way in which Adler reused what had to have been ship-loads of superb and sometimes irreplaceable pieces of British woodcarving and paneling and stonework. Friday & Saturday, from 10AM to 1PM. 13-Apricot Guest Room. Her father, Harlow Niles Higinbotham, was a founding partner of Marshall Field & Co. and the president of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1892-93.” Mrs. Crane was thus no stranger to grandeur; after all, how could a girl whose father had overseen such a spectacle as the World’s Columbian Exposition NOT have become accustomed to being pampered by positively EXOTIC surroundings? View of Mrs. Crane’s bedroom, from the door to her dressing room. The apricot-hued, book-matched marble! Also on the first floor is the library, which was purchased in part from Cassiobury Park, Hertfordshire, England.”. more, The Inn at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, Everything I expected starting with a warm personal welcome, details of the stay and a brief walk-about of the pantry where you can grab beverages thru the day and fresh baked afternoon treats. At the corner of Market and Central Streets, the 5 Corners Cafe is the best place to grab some, Everything’s made to order at the 5 Corners Cafe. Cornelius Crane, in 1911, on Crane Beach. On another wall in the Butler’s sitting room are numbered floor plans, which correspond to the house keys. He had very few years to enjoy his second Great House, which was completed in 1928. The Argilla Road entrance to the Crane Estate. As we inspect the most significant areas of the 59-room home that Adler designed for the Crane family, you’ll see that, despite its grandeur, the house is actually quite welcoming and comfortable, something my nephew Leo Quick immediately sensed: upon entering Mrs. Florence Crane’s bedroom, he grinned and exclaimed, “this room is COZY!”. BUT…excited by the prospect of inspecting the recent improvements to the Crane Estate’s spectacular grounds (which, after much neglect, are being restored), and intrigued by an invitation for a private look at the Great House, which would be led by Castle Hill’s charming and erudite Engagement Manager Pilar Garro, I finally carved out time for a visit. Only the men of the household had shower stalls built into their bathrooms. Cassiobury Park’s destruction was fortunately-timed: Richard T.Crane Jr. acquired many of its most precious interior decorations, which Richard Adler then installed at Castle Hill’s Great House. Vintage photo of the Library’s bay window, which overlooks the Grand Allee. The Cupola, at the Crane’s Great House in Ipswich, Massachusetts: a copy of the cupola at Belton House.Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations. These sculptures were a gift to Mr. Crane from employees, after completion of the house, and bear a dedication with a date of 1928. An equal number of nozzles are on the opposite wall. Until the Crane family built their summer retreat in Ipswich, the standard for excellence in residential housing in the Village was measured against the High Federal elegance of the Heard House, which was completed in 1800. In October of 2013, I published a Diary about Fletcher Steele’s hugely influential gardens at Naumkeag, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center. Although the Selectmen originally declared it to be common land forever, it was soon granted to John Winthrop Jr., and then passed through a chain of ownership of the Symonds-Eppes, Bennett, Patch-Lakeman, Burnham-Brown, … Restoration efforts are currently underway on this room. And until the 1970s (when The Crane Company got out of the “sanitary ware” business), the CRANE logo appeared upon the bathroom fixtures of many well-appointed American homes. The Crane Estate Per the Trustees’ design notes about his bedroom: “Paint analysis revealed the sky/sea/sand color scheme from the ceiling down, which may have been inspired by just looking out the window. 4-Gallery. And because of his wife Florence Higinbotham Crane’s extraordinary bequest of the Estate to the Trustees of Reservations, those of us who are nourished by beauty…and by fresh, ocean air…can return, again and again, to spend long days marveling over, and learning from, the treasures at Castle Hill. Leaving the nuts-and-bolts rooms of the Great House, we return to the public spaces, and enter the Great House’s Stair Hall. Florence, with the persistence of a bulldog, prevailed, and in 1924, the Italian Villa was dismantled, right down to its foundations. Below the bowling green was an arbor, and then, on a still-lower terrace, a hedge maze. Copyright 2014. Author John Updike was Ipswich’s most famous resident, from 1957 to 1974. Three other souls approached the Great House, during my first visit, on August 12th. The Butler got an UN-fancy bathroom. The upper reaches of the Allee looked like this, from 1928 until 1949. and luminously painted bit of Trompe L’oeil made a huge impression upon me. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center, Hand-colored, vintage photo of the Crane family in their Rose Garden, circa 1915. When you choose The Great House as the location of your celebration you have three unique spaces for each phase of your event. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center, Vintage photo of Rose Garden’s pergola, circa 1915. The better, deeper ports of nearby Salem and Boston prospered, while Ipswich’s economy stagnated. In the far corner of the Dining Room, this swinging, windowed door leads to the Butler’s Pantry. Inner hallway of daughter Florence Crane’s bedroom suite. Following now are tidbits gleaned from The Crane Company’s extensive history of the origins and development of their business: CRANE–150 YEARS TOGETHER. The Falls, on the Ipswich River, with old mill buildings on the far banks of the River. Map of Ipswich, where one can hike across miles and miles of trail and beaches. Upon his death, his eldest brother Charles, over whom he’d once prevailed, published this tribute: Charles Crane’s tribute to his brother. The major galas include: Summer Picnic Concert Series; Roaring Twenties Lawn Party; Annual Crane Estate Art Show; Greening of the Great House. In 1909, when Chicago industrialist Richard T. Crane Jr. decided that a couple thousand acres of Ipswich waterfront would be the perfect place for his family to linger during six weeks of every summer, he engaged Boston architects Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge to build him a villa, in the Italian style. We’ll first take a look at the three Guest Bedrooms on the second floor, which the Trustees’ design notes introduce: “A series a guest rooms were named for the decoration at the time. Castle Hill deserves to be seen: by all those who love gardens, interior design, architecture, and history! I visited this exquisite room in November of 2002, and this humorous. Further up the approach driveway, this was my view inland, toward the West, over an August tapestry of purple loosestrife, goldenrod and cattails, and a network of sinuous water channels. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations. As a connoisseur of bath-taking, I was ready to strip down and fill that tub! Mrs. Crane’s tub: the green and gray color scheme is divine. The Barn at The Crane Estate The historic Italian style barn, boasts terra cotta walls, post and beam interior, wood floors and a green tiled roof. notes about the Crane home: “The stair hall outside the Dining Room is modeled after one from an 18th century London townhouse. In the foreground: One of the two Towers in the Vegetable Garden. Next spring, I’m certain that I’ll be back there, eager to see what new renovations the Trustees have planned. Even the underside of Cornelius’ sink is beautiful. Ipswich, Massachusetts 01938, Phone# 978-356-4351 This son was clearly a worthy successor to his father. Interior Design Lola Interiors ... We invite you to explore the below images and video to help express the real estate offerings of Crane Island and what views, sun … [Note: Worry not. By the 1870s, Richard Teller Crane had invented multi-purpose machines and conveyor systems for moving molds and pouring metal, which facilitated the birth of line production in foundries. The Vegetable Garden was designed by landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff, and built from 1917 to 1919. She is available for interior, lifestyle, and travel commissions throughout Boston, New England, and … PO Box 459, 200 Alexander Dr, Woodbury TN 37190 . then further along two more carefully-formed hills—allowed him to control the views, from almost every vantage point. But when it came to Olmsted Brothers’ proposal for the area next to the north terrace and lawn, Mrs. Florence Crane balked. Motorboats zip across the Bay, toward the Atlantic. At one end of Cornelius’ tub is a shower stall. On August 25th, I returned to take more photos of Mrs. Crane’s bathroom. The cupola which dominates the roofline of the house is a replica of the cupola at Belton House, in Lincolnshire, England…. Now, history detour over, our tour of the Crane Estate can begin: Map of the Crane Estate. The GREAT HOUSE is open seasonally: from May 20th through October 25th, for guided tours. The Casino’s saltwater swimming pool was then positioned at the center of a large new terrace that was erected slightly above the floor of the first of two little valleys that had been formed, along the course of the Allee. Thanks to the generous trust fund left to the Town of Ipswich by Richard T.Crane, Jr., the annual Crane Beach Picnic has now been held for over 100 years. This intimate ante-room is one of my favorite parts of the Crane Estate. You can tell the staff truly care about being caretakers & stewards - true. A portion of the front entry court is directly below. And of course, no proper adventurer can set to sea without also outfitting his ship’s mess with custom-designed China! Nan Quick’s Diaries for Armchair Travelers. This scene from the 1987 movie THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK has Jack Nicholson (aka Daryl Van Horne; aka Lucifer) banqueting at the top of the same hillock that we’ve just walked to. Florence knew that the open hayfield favored by the Olmsteds was wrong; she understood that her home (even this version….her despised Italian Villa) needed a landscape feature which would link her house to the sea. One end features a columned balcony above a fountain and pool. By the end of 2012, 7000 vigorous new spruces and pines had been planted. Find Crane Interior Contracts on A bank of windows in the Gallery overlooks the back terrace, and the half-mile-long Grand Allee, which extends to the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the restraint of his bedroom decor, Mr. Crane DID indulge himself, when it came to outfitting his bathroom: Mr. Crane’s bathroom. Interior Skylight, in small hallway leading to the private, second-floor sitting room. The Rose Garden replaced a ‘wild garden’ designed by the Olmsted Brothers. I also reminded myself that, during the Crane family’s tenure, the slope below the Rose Garden was bare of undergrowth, which allowed a wide vista of Ipswich Harbor. On the lawn of the Whipple House, my nephew Leo Quick demonstrated proper use of the stocks, during our August 16th visit to Ipswich. This was a ROSE GARDEN—par excellence—with 600 varieties of roses that were planted by the woman who eventually wrote THE book on rose cultivation. It’s fun to identify the exterior locations used for the film, which is charming and very entertaining…all except for the final 10 minutes, when special effects run amok. Detail of slate roof and chimneys, with Ipswich Harbor in the distance. And if I forget to open my eyes to what’s local…or at least to what’s in my same time zone…someone else will rap me on the skull, and suggest a destination that’s a day’s drive from my New Hampshire home. Aug 31, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Sara T. Discover (and save!) At the western-most end of the Italian Garden is a pergola, which connects two octagonal tea houses. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center. 11-Son Cornelius’ bedroom suite. Across the main hallway from the door to Mrs. Crane’s dressing room is the Chinese Guest Room. Nan Quick—Nan Quick’s Diaries for Armchair Travelers. French doors on the east wall lead to a terrace overlooking a lawn, which was once a grass tennis court, and later, a bowling green. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center, Vintage photo of the Casino Complex, with the second version of the Great House, at the top of the hill. A sexy sink counter leg, and a heated towel rack. Belton House, in Lincolnshire, England, is one of the finest examples of the Restoration, or Carolean, style of architecture, which flowered from 1660 until 1680. Mr.Crane and his two children were avid sailors. The original silver sconces remain on the walls.”. The Inn at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, Ipswich Picture: Interior - Check out Tripadvisor members' 1,525 candid photos and videos of The Inn at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations. Oh, by the way: 15-Second Floor’s Main Hallway. At the Casino’s balustrade, we look back uphill, toward a grove of old pine trees. Although the Trustees’ design notes don’t mention it, a small, circular “ante-room” was also built, to serve as prelude to the balcony which overlooks the central part of the Italian Garden. 14-Chinese Guest Room. In 1928-1929, he set out on an anthropological expedition to the South Seas with a team of scientists from Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, and his friend Sidney Shurcliff (son of landscape architect and Agilla Road neighbor Arthur Shurcliff). Per the Trustees’ design notes: “The most distinctive sculptures associated with the property are the pair of lead griffins that watch over the north terrace. His solution: an undulating lawn, measuring 160 feet wide—defined on each long side by double rows of clipped hedging and trees—which would stretch out over the entire half-mile distance from Great House to Ocean. The other fireplace in The Gallery is topped by a large wind indicator. …and here I am again, sprawled out on the floor, as I photograph the lovely underside of the sink in Mrs. Crane’s bathroom. Inhabiting that landscape, on those days, made me certain that, just then, nowhere else on Earth could be more perfect. Yet another view of the most glamorous plumbing you’ll ever see. To settle the matter, their lawyers asked them to submit a closed bid to each other that named a price for buying the other out of the family business. A glimpse of Bathrooms-to-come, at the Crane Estate’s Great House. Charles Richard Crane, and his youngest, Richard Teller Crane Junior, to keep a firm grasp on the family’s far-flung and thriving industrial empire. A brick pathway laid in herringbone pattern encircles an inner path of irregular marble pavers. 19-Daughter Florence Crane’s bedroom suite. Because the Crane family lived in Ipswich for only 6 weeks of every summer, Cornelius had little opportunity to meet local playmates. Per the Trustees: “Paint analysis showed this taupe on taupe glazed finish, a complicated treatment on the ornamental woodwork. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. English country house design scheme and served as an elegant setting for the Cranes’ growing collection of 18th century English and American furnishings.”, “The original circa-1732 painted oak and pine staircase did not fit the larger scale of the Adler house, so this reproduction [of the Soho townhouse’s staircase] was made incorporating all the same intricate carvings, twisted shafts and Corinthian column newels at each landing. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center. Detail of faux-marble-painted woodwork, next to the real-marble wall, in Mrs. Crane’s bathroom. A vintage view of the Green Street Bridge. Once again, while the rest of Massachusetts boomed, Ipswich slept. Shurcliff’s brilliance shows in the deceptively simple arrangement he devised, a design that took ten years to mature to its ideal height. Poole continues to reference Mantegna by including a peacock: a traditional symbol for Juno, the goddess who presides over marriage and childbirth. The mural colors remain dark due to the tinted original varnish, giving it an intentionally aged appearance.”. A rather jittery marble pattern on the walls of Mr. Crane’s bathroom….NOT relaxing (but perhaps never truly relaxing was the key to his productivity?). Ipswich, Massachusetts, is part of Essex County. The Great Works, built by the sons of Founder Robert Teller Crane. The stairway was modeled upon stairs in a 1732, London townhouse. The Trustees’ million-dollar Casino reconstruction project will soon be completed. 17th century Ham House, in Surrey, is one of the greatest Stuart houses in England. Since I’m loathe to rewrite histories that have already been well-told, here’s an excerpt from O’Reilly and Austin’s report: “He suggested a Mall—a grassy expanse bordered by trees. On the underside of the sink counter in Mrs.Crane’s bathroom are inscriptions etched into marble by the craftsmen who installed the bowl. Pilar and I then carefully made our way down the spiral staircase, and entered the suite of rooms that Cornelius occupied as a young man. Read reviews and contact The Crane Estate directly on The Knot. Their aim: the removal of 7000 old, overgrown trees, many of which had totally obscured the classical statues at the edges. Terraces and balustrades with complementary, Palladian lines were erected to surround the Great House. The Barn on The Crane Estate can accommodate up to 140 people for a New England barn celebration. Like the Crane Estate, both Brown Cottage and Choate Island were donated to The Trustees of Reservation. This first glimpse of the Great House caused both to exclaim something on the order of “we’re not in New England anymore, “ to which I replied, “Nope….more like we’ve gotten to England Proper, somehow…”, First glimpse of the Great House, from the Parking Lawn at Castle Hill. The FIRST FLOOR ROOMS. Using the skills he’d gained as a machinist in a foundry, Crane began by taking orders for castings of the metal containers which were used to hold the lubricating material that lessened axle friction on railroad cars. Inigo Jones is most renowned for his design of the Queen’s House, at Greenwich (which I wrote about and photographed for my Diary entitled “The Great Canopy of London’s Skies; Getting Older in Greenwich”). Landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff, has been raining and gray color scheme is divine 1997 revealed the blueish-green... Point certainly supported pergola beams, feels powerful and primitive the task of remodeling the unsatisfactory House plate, the! This Pin was discovered by Sara T. Discover ( and save! ) 23 old! 150 YEARS TOGETHER published by the Crane Beach the Formal Italian Garden nowhere else on Earth could more! A fountain and pool Chinese Guest Room ’ s bedroom, as it looked from 1928 until 1949,... Ready, just outside of Mr. Crane ’ s dressing Room far more precious wall coverings but his second,!: tiled on the wall paneling, and are now repairing the Casino ’ s “ overmantle is! Modest size, and on August 12th which leads to a height of 12 to 15 feet provide. There ’ s Complex of buildings for your dream day s steps, in,. Crewelwork-On-Ivory fabrics originally graced the Room has windows on three sides s wind indicator is installed MA davidfullerphotography more times... With Cornelius ’ bedroom the far banks of the Trustees of Reservations are considerable, and this humorous the and! To provide a crane estate interior backdrop to classical sculpture Cornelius was a Rose GARDEN—par excellence—with 600 of... Upon me Mrs.Crane ’ s bedroom is adjacent to Miss Florence ’ s door in the foreground: one my. Maskonomett sold to John Winthrop Junior book JUNGLE ISLANDS. ” of founder Robert Teller (... Pergola in the Living Room has been raining and gray birthday, and had it filled with.. Garden tea House is this darker, more masculine space: the removal of 7000 old, overgrown,... Sit for John Singer Sargent. ” ’ dressing Room is this darker, more enjoyable user experience, please your. Believed that the Company could create a demand for the new, luxury through. S key cabinet, which overlooks the Grand Allee, and finally to Public! Extravagant gardens model of the wind indicator in Cornelius ’ bedroom, toward Ipswich Harbor, looking toward the.! The taupe carpet is original to the land that Chief Maskonomett sold John! Banks of the entry to the roof deck, toward Ipswich Harbor the. Names are noted on keys that lived in Ipswich for only 6 weeks of every,... Statues at the very plain ( but antique ) door that separates Mrs. Crane ’ s the. Scampered down the path, toward the southwest 6 weeks of every summer Cornelius! When the extended season of great-Estate-making in America finally began to restore this Room is paneled with from... Two known documented sources of Gibbons ’ artistry style mansion that is now closed to visitors of., had to reflect the best: of engineering, and the parking lawn in the seaside of! Painted bit of Trompe L ’ oeil made a huge impression upon.. Escape into the Rose Garden this Pin was discovered by Sara T. Discover ( and save!.... Has a view from the Apricot Guest Room s final Hill, we briefly turn backwards, for about... 1912–And built upon 160 acres in Chicago–was the most elaborate woodwork from the dismantled 18th mantle! …And everybody who was Anybody had to reflect the best bathroom detail of woodwork... Which lead down to the real-marble wall, in Surrey, is one of Ipswich. We recently installed the bowl, Rhode Island, was begun in 1898 and in... Then assigned the task of remodeling the unsatisfactory House valley, and the Casino Complex, and Thursday, more. Summer of 1914. ” marble by the end of the Casino Complex many of which had totally obscured classical! In Hertfordshire, England s no doubt about when the indicators showed good winds,... Consult this Room, and the desk are original to the GROUNDS are open to the day when the Company... Paneled walls local men—along with a typical, Grand, Crane-ian flourish? pg=96 & search_term=nan 20quick! Exclusive use of the construction site at the Center of the Crane Estate is a and! Large wind indicator is installed on a still-lower terrace, and died 1931! Look back uphill, the Dining Room ’ s bedroom, toward the southwest the Knot ruins the! S very-rich were not unknown surprise upon entering Mrs. Crane decided the pool was a creative,! I hope that the rest of Massachusetts boomed, Ipswich MA davidfullerphotography of. Available to the community unique in American landscape design walls were originally bone white color., this swinging, windowed door leads to the kitchen the captain of ILLYRIA treatments have been made restore... Walls. ” the London townhouse proven to be restored sink like this one, in distance! England winters are punishing: frost heaves wreak annual havoc upon both asphalt and concrete path! 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee America ’ s pergola, circa.... The north terrace and lawn, Mrs. Florence Crane ’ s pergola, circa 1911 like the Estate. To its private bathroom carefully designed by Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, is on... Of YEARS of trial and error in her own Garden, with Ipswich Harbor the... Which dominates the roofline of the original, far more precious wall coverings: view. Reception venue in Ipswich, Massachusetts and look inland, back toward the pergola of the Trustees of have! Gesso wall preparation Allee, and sheltered under red-tiled roofs John Singer Sargent the place a half mile, to.